Volume 9, Number 4:248-366;2021
American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology

Edwin M Posadas: Great kindness from a giant: scientist, friend, and mentor-preface of the special issue in memoriam and celebration of Leland W.K. Chung, Ph.D. (1940-2021) from special issue senior guest editor(s). Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):248-250. (Abstract AJCEU0138581, Full text, PDF).

Michael R Freeman: Leland W.K. Chung: a mentor of great compassion and vision-Preface of the special issue in memoriam and celebration of Leland W.K. Chung from special issue senior guest editor. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):251-253. (Abstract AJCEU0138579, Full text, PDF).

Melvin Li, Anna LK Gonye, Kevin Truskowski, Luke V Loftus, Lanie A Urbanski, Kayla V Myers, Mikaela M Mallin, Margaret E Yang, Sabrina A Mendez, Laurie G Kostecka, Chiamaka R Udedibor, Chi-Ju Kim, Morgan D Kuczler, Gloria H Shin, Sarah R Amend, Kenneth J Pienta: Twelve unanswered questions in cancer inspired by the life and work of Leland Chung: “if this is true, what does it imply”? Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):254-260. (Abstract AJCEU0138236, Full text, PDF).

Stefan Mrdenovic: Development of small molecule fluorescent dye drug conjugates in targeted cancer therapy. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):261-263. (Abstract AJCEU0138243, Full text, PDF).

Daqing Wu, Adeboye O Osunkoya, Omer Kucuk: Epithelial protein lost in neoplasm (EPLIN) and prostate cancer: lessons learned from the ARCaP model. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):264-276. (Abstract AJCEU0138419, Full text, PDF).

U-Ging Lo, Yu-An Chen, Zahraa I Khamis, Wei-Hsiang Kao, Jer-Tsong Hsieh, Qing-Xiang Amy Sang: Studies of hormonal regulation, phenotype plasticity, bone metastasis, and experimental therapeutics in androgen-repressed human prostate cancer (ARCaP) model. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):277-286. (Abstract AJCEU0138238, Full text, PDF).

Ryan Cole, Laura E Pascal, Zhou Wang: The classical and updated models of androgen receptor nucleocytoplasmic trafficking. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):287-291. (Abstract AJCEU0138240, Full text, PDF).

Cameron M Armstrong, Allen C Gao: Dysregulated androgen synthesis and anti-androgen resistance in advanced prostate cancer. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):292-300. (Abstract AJCEU0138242, Full text, PDF).

Bekir Cinar, Esma Alp, Marwah Al-Mathkour, Ava Boston, Abdulrahman Dwead, Kezhan Khazaw, Alexis Gregory: The Hippo pathway: an emerging role in urologic cancers. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):301-317. (Abstract AJCEU0138576, Full text, PDF).

Bethtrice Thompson-Elliott, Rarnice Johnson, Shafiq A Khan: Alterations in TGFβ signaling during prostate cancer progression. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):318-328. (Abstract AJCEU0138580, Full text, PDF).

Gerald R Cunha, Mei Cao, Amber Derpinghaus, Laurence S Baskin: Human urogenital sinus mesenchyme is an inducer of prostatic epithelial development. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):329-336. (Abstract AJCEU0138063, Full text, PDF).

Julie Suan-Wei Yang, Chen Qian, Sungyong You, Mirja Rotinen, Edwin M Posadas, Stephen J Freedland, Dolores Di Vizio, Jayoung Kim, Michael R Freeman: Scaffold attachment factor B1 regulates androgen degradation pathways in prostate cancer. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):337-349. (Abstract AJCEU0138704, Full text, PDF).

Sara G Pollan, Pai-Chi Teng, Yu Jen Jan, Julie Livingstone, Cai Huang, Minhyung Kim, Javier Mariscal, Maria Rodriguez, Jie-Fu Chen, Sungyong You, Dolores DiVizio, Paul C Boutros, Keith Syson Chan, Olga Rasorenova, Anne Cress, Danislav Spassov, Mark Moasser, Edwin M Posadas, Stephen J Freedland, Michael R Freeman, Jie J Zheng, Beatrice S Knudsen: Loss of CDCP1 triggers FAK activation in detached prostate cancer cells. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2021;9(4):350-366. (Abstract AJCEU0138235, Full text, PDF).
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