Volume 4, Number 2:17-31;2016
American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology

David Jarrard, Badrinath Konety, Wei Huang, Tracy Downs, Jill Kolesar, Kyung Mann Kim, Tom Havighurst, Joel Slaton, Margaret G House, Howard L Parnes, Howard H Bailey: Phase IIa, randomized placebo-controlled trial of single high dose cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and daily Genistein (G-2535) versus double placebo in men with early stage prostate cancer undergoing prostatectomy. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2016;4(2):17-27. (Full text, PDF).

Tatsuaki Daimon, Takeo Kosaka, Mototsugu Oya: A metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer patient with multiple bone metastases has durable biochemical and radiological response to docetaxel chemotherapy. Am J Clin Exp Urol 2016;4(2):28-31. (Full text, PDF).
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